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Overseas Shipping Vehicles by Air


image1When you are in rush you can ship your automobile by air. It is more costly than shipping by ocean, but you can be certain that your vehicle will get there on time.
When shipping by air, we count volume in m3 and determine the rate. Knowing exact dimensions and weight for any particular vehicle is essential to get an accurate rate. When you ship your vehicle by air you cannot put any belongings inside the vehicle. It is strongly prohibited.

When shipping by air, automobiles are handled as dangerous goods under the class UN3166, so DG documentation has to be prepared by the freight forwarder.



Auto by Air

The process of preparing the paperwork for export is the same as shipping any self-propelled vehicle by any other type of transport except for the necessity of issuing a DG declaration. Any motor vehicle defined as self-propelled, such as an automobile, truck, tractor, bus, motorcycle, ATV, motor home, requires an original certificate of title or for new vehicles, a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO/MCO).

Original Bill of Sale has to clearly show the year, make & model, and vehicle-s VIN (Vehicle’s Identification Number). The Provided Bill of Sale has to show that the vehicle has been paid in full, and has to be notarized by a Notary.

The original of the above mentioned document must be presented to U.S. Customs at the port of departure at least 72 hours before departure. US Customs is the ultimate authority; they need to verify the documents and approve export prior to shipment. Once the documents have been verified, they will be returned to the freight forwarder.

The basic rule that would apply to vehicles is that the gas tank should be almost empty (not more than 1⁄4 of tank).

Aqua Air Enterprises cargo liability insurance is $500 per vehicle, therefore, we strongly recommend requesting additional insurance. The cost is 1.5% of the value, (including ocean freight cost); the deductible is $500.

If you cannot deliver your vehicle to the airport terminal, we can organize pick up from any point in United States and transfer to the designated airport.

shutterstock 21845734The following documents will be needed:

  • original title or MSO/MCO
  • Bill of Sale (letter of Lien Release from financial institution, if vehicle bought on a loan)
  • Automobile Shipping Info Sheet
  • Export Power of Attorney
  • Insurance Form