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Overseas Shipping of Motorcycles / ATVs by Ocean

Overseas ocean shipping of motorcycles and ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle), are either in containers or in Roll on-Roll off vessels (RO/RO vessels). RO/RO vessels are specialized vessels that are constructed to carry oversized cargo - cargo that wouldn’t otherwise fit into regular containers. Imagine RO/RO vessels as huge floating parking platforms.

The cost of ocean freight is calculated either per vehicle shipped in containers, or by its size and weight. The best solution is if you can pack your motorcycle or ATV into a crate. In that case you minimize possibility of damage during the transport process. When shipping your cargo in a crate, we count volume in m3 and determine the rate.

If you cannot pack your motorcycle in a crate, we can ship it as is. Our teams of professionals, in every single port in which we operate, load motorcycles into containers to be safe during the transport. They tighten and secure motorcycles using bottom side lashing points between floor and walls. They also secure all wheels so motorcycles cannot move inside the container during rough sea, road, or rail traffic moving to and from the port. 

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If you want to send as many motorcycles as you can in one 10/40’HC container we can organize the preparing, packing and loading of such shipments. In that case, the best way to ship is to take off all the parts that can be damaged, like mirrors and sometimes even exhaust pipes, and protect all sensitive parts with cardboard. Depending on the customer’s needs and the motorcycle’s sizes we can load motorcycles on a ramp built above the first row.

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Any motor vehicle defined as self-propelled such as an automobile, truck, tractor, bus, motorcycle, ATV, motor home, requires an original certificate of title, or for new vehicles, a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO). 

Some states in U.S. do not issue a title for certain categories of motorcycles / ATV/s / Snowmobiles and such of-road vehicles. In case you are buying the vehicles in such states, we encourage you to ask local authorities and the state’s DMV to see their policy in that matter. If there is no title issued, you will need to obtain the original Bill of Sale which clearly shows the year, make & model, and vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle’s Identification Number) or Serial Number. The Provided Bill of Sale has to show that the vehicle has been paid in full, and has to be notarized by a Notary.

The original of the above mentioned document must be presented to U.S. Customs at the port of departure at least 72 hours before departure. US Customs is the ultimate authority; they need to verify the documents and approve export prior to shipment. Once the documents have been verified, they will be returned to the freight forwarder and ultimately to the customer.

The basic rule that would apply to vehicles is that the gas tank should be almost empty (not more than 1⁄4 of tank), and battery (batteries) terminals should be disconnected. We arrange for professional packers to load the vehicle into the container. 

In case you have Aqua Air load your machine at one of our warehouse facilities in a container, or to ship by Ro-Ro vessel you should deliver your cargo to the particular warehouse or loading port terminal. If you cannot arrange such a delivery, we can organize p/u and bring your vehicle to the loading place. We can organize pick up from any point in United States and transfer to our designated warehouse.

At the destination port you will need to hire a local customs broker company who will make a customs clearance or all other necessary paperwork at the destination in order to p/u your cargo. We can recommend our agents overseas, but if you decide to hire someone else, you are more than welcome.

Aqua Air Enterprises cargo liability insurance is $500 per vehicle, therefore, we strongly recommend requesting additional insurance. The cost is 1.5% of the value, (including ocean freight cost); the deductible is $500.

The following documents will be needed:

  • original title or MSO/MCO
  • Bill of Sale (letter of Lien Release from financial institution, if vehicle bought on a loan)
  • Automobile Shipping Info Sheet (use the same for autos & motorcycles or other types of vehicles)
  • Export Power of Attorney
  • Insurance Form

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