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Overseas Shipping of Agricultural & Construction Machinery

shutterstock 2304997Overseas shipping of various machinery is either in containers or in Roll on - Roll off vessels (RO/RO vessels). RO/RO vessels are specialized vessels that are constructed to carry oversized cargo - cargo that wouldn’t otherwise fit into regular containers. Imagine RO/RO vessels as huge floating parking platforms.

The cost of ocean freight is either per vehicle shipped in containers, or per commodity description (type of vehicle) and its size and weight. When shipping by RO/RO vessels, we count volume in m3 and determine the rate.


All self-propelled vehicles such as agricultural machinery, self-propelled construction equipment, or any other self-propelled vehicle used or designed to run on land but not on rail, requires the original Bill of Sale which clearly shows the year, make & model, and the vehicle’s Serial Number or VIN (Vehicle’s Identification Number). The Provided Bill of Sale has to show that vehicle has been paid in full, and has to be notarized by a Notary.

The original of the above mentioned document must be presented to U.S. Customs at the port of departure at least 72 hours before departure. US Customs is the ultimate authority to verify documents and to approve export. Once the documents have been verified, they will be returned to the freight forwarder.

The basic rule that applies to vehicles is that the gas tank should be almost empty (not more than 1⁄4 of tank), and battery (batteries) terminals should be disconnected. We arrange for professional packers to load the machinery into the container. You can have your personal belongings shipped with your vehicle only if it is shipped in the container.

If you prefer to load a container and vehicle inside by yourself, please contact us so we can send you instructions on how to load.

In case you have Aqua Air load your machine at one of our warehouse facilities in a container or to ship by Ro-Ro vessel you should deliver your cargo to the particular loading port terminal. If you cannot arrange such a delivery, we can organize p/u and bring your machine to the loading place. We can organize pick-up from any point in United States and transfer to our designated warehouse.

Shipping by RO/RO vessels
shutterstock 167701463If your machinery cannot fit into a container, the only option is to ship by Ro-Ro vessel. The machine should be prepared for such a shipment since the price will be based on overall dimensions of your cargo. This means that it is in your favor if you take off all necessary accessories such as antennas, attached markers, and side mirrors that can increase the volume of your cargo.


image4 When you deliver your vehicle to the particular loading port terminal, you should have a set of documents in your hands. We will prepare the documents and send them to you in advance. In some ports, the port authorities request that an escort team deliver vehicles. We will advise you on time.

masinAt the destination port you will need to hire a local customs broker company who will make a customs clearance and any other necessary paperwork at the destination in order to p/u your cargo. We can recommend our agents overseas, but if you decide to hire someone else, you are more than welcome. When transporting such a machinery by RO/RO vessel to some port overseas, but ultimate destination is different, you will need to organize pick-up and transport by special truck service overseas.

Aqua Air Enterprises’ cargo liability insurance is $500 per vehicle, therefore we strongly recommend requesting additional insurance. The cost is 1.5% of the value, (including ocean freight cost); the deductible is $500.

The following documents will be needed:

  • Bill of Sale, with machine year, make and model as well as Serial Number
  • (BoS has to have a visible statement that machine has been paid in full)
  • Letter of Lien Release from financial institution, if vehicle bought on a loan
  • Automobile Shipping Info Sheet
  • Export Power of Attorney
  • Insurance Form