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image111ATA Carnets, commonly known as “Merchandise Passports”, are international customs documents that simplify customs procedures for the temporary importation of various types of goods.

Carnets allow companies and individuals to transport their products through a number of countries (listed on the carnet) without paying duties and taxes. This document serves as a customs entry and a customs bond. A carnet is issued with twelve months term limit. It can’t be extended beyond 12 months and can’t be used for motor vehicles. If a carnet is issued in the U.S. it has to be discharged in the U.S. (discharged means closed). There are harsh penalties for not following this requirement. We wouldn’t advise anyone to go beyond this time period.
Aqua Air Enterprises can assist in carnet application process. Carnet cost is related to the value of the product or products. To get a cost estimate we would need a list of all items (to be transported???) with the dollar value. Once all the paperwork is on file, it will take just a few days to have the carnet processed and approved.

image222In case you choose to carry the product(s) with you or ship it as a cargo shipment you still need the customs to verify and stamp all of the required documents.  This procedure is the same in each country you travel to/from.

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