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40 & 45' High Cube Containers

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Description 40' High Cube 40' HC Heavy 45' High Cube 45' HC Heavy
Inside Length 12.032 m 12.032 m 12.032 m 12.032 m
Inside Width 2.350 m 2.350 m 2.350 m 2.350 m 
Inside Height 2.698 m 2.698 m 2.698 m 2.698 m
Door opening Width 2.338 m 2.338 m 2.338 m 2.338 m
Door opening Height 2.585 m 2.585 m 2.585 m 2.585 m
Volume 76.200 m³ 76.200 m³ 86.000 m³ 86.000 m³
Max. Gross Weight 30,480 kg 32,500 kg 30,480 kg 32,500 kg
Tare Weight 3,900 kg 3,920 kg 4,800 kg 4,800 kg
Max Payload 26,580 kg 28,580 kg 25,680 kg 27,700 kg



High-cube containers are used for all types of general cargo (dry cargo). However, they are particularly suitable for transporting light, voluminous cargoes and over height cargoes up to a maximum of 2.70 m tall.


High-cube containers are similar in structure to standard containers, but taller. In contrast to standard containers, which have a maximum height of 2591 mm (8'6"), high-cube containers are 2896 mm, or 9'6", tall. High-cube containers are for the most part 40' long, but are sometimes made as 45' containers.
A number of lashing rings, capable of bearing loads of at most 1000 kg, are mounted on the front top end rail and bottom cross member and the corner posts.
Many 40' containers have a recess in the floor at the front end which serves to center the containers on so-called gooseneck chassis. These recesses allow the containers to lie lower and therefore to be of taller construction.