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Less than Container Load (LCL)

Less than Container Load (LCL)

image1If you do not have enough cargo for a full container, or if sending a FCL is too expensive, you should choose to send your shipment as a LCL. All your items must be protected, properly packed, and marked. All fragile and sensitive cargo must be crated in order to be received by our warehouse. For some destinations we accept cargo packed in carton boxes, but the items have to be properly packed and marked.


image2You can bring your cargo to our nearest warehouse or we can organize local pick-up and delivery to our warehouse. We can organize local pick-up and transfer to the nearest CFS station all over the United States. Once we receive the cargo, it will be repacked on pallets (if needed, to avoid possible damage) and sent overseas in our consolidated containers.



Export Documentation Requirements

In order to ship your items you must fill out the forms online or download a copy (click on forms button on the left) and send it to us. You will need to have the following information handy:

1. Power of Attorney to Aqua Air to prepare export documentation
2. Cargo Information Sheet
3. EIN# in order to prepare SED

5. Packing List with Invoice / Listed Value

If your cargo has a value of more than $2,500.00, the so called Shipper’s Export Declaration has to be submitted electronically. In a case that you cannot do it by yourself, Aqua Air will submit this declaration on your behalf.
Packing your cargo

Packaging your cargo

Your cargo must be properly packed & protected. You must mark your shipment with “To & from” labels. We recommend to use some stickers or other kind of labels and mark your cargo (please see photo with yellow stickers labeled by our warehouse). It is very important to have a cargo properly marked, since the freight goes through manipulation process during loading into designated container and through similar process during stripping at overseas CFS location. There are no rules regarding dimensions of your packages, but we do have some recommendations. When you make your own crate, we would recommend that you make it less than 7’6” long,

When using wooden packing material you must use heat treated wood in compliance with International standard ISPM15 (click the link on the left for more info).